Rick's art is truly amazing.  I love the idea that I can choose how his digital art is showcased either in my home, at the office, or on a wearable.  I have several pieces,

but I get the most compliments on my scarf and tote bag.  They are versatile, excellent quality, and absolutely gorgeous.

If you’re looking for that unique and perfect gift, I highly recommend anything from Rick’s online shop.

          ~ LS  Dallas, Texas


This scarf is perfect as a light-weight shawl for summer evenings, or wear it in a multitude of ways as a fashion statement.  I always receive compliments whenever I have it on. 

I also think any of Rick’s scarves would make a gorgeous wall hanging.

          ~ PH – Atlanta, GA


I love Rick’s scarves for their beautiful designs and vibrant colors, and receive a lot of compliments.  A good friend liked mine so much, she bought one for her daughter

as a Christmas gift.  I often wear them as accessories with blouses and sweaters — it feels like I’m wearing jewelry.

          ~ BM – Jackson, MS


My scarf is a splendid work of wearable art.  Being a long scarf, I can arrange it in an infinite variety of styles.

          ~ LC – Alexandria, VA