As a result of becoming profoundly deaf at the age of two, my visual sense has heightened far beyond that of many artists.

I am truly a Visual Artist without boundaries.

My childhood refuge in Mississippi was to immerse myself in the natural world around me — experiencing the beauty of nature, the vibrancy of color, the variety of architecture. This led to a degree in Art, then a diversion of 25 years federal service in DC.  Retiring to the Gulf Coast, I began my artistic life anew, established an art studio, and soon discovered the world of digital art.

My photography captures the beauty and spirit of nature and the real world. Along with photos of my original art, I meld these into digital artworks using multiple exposures, layers, color transformations and advanced art filters – images which may live through many iterations until I am satisfied, or until I step away for another day.

Each digital image is my personal expression of inspiration from my surrounding environment, explored and revealed through my own artistic imagination. I feel a magical warmth as an image emerges.

My purpose is to awaken curiosity and prompt introspection in those who view my art, to feed their inner being, to have my images resonate with them through my creativity.  I want to expose both art enthusiasts and the general public to a new and complex medium they have seldom seen before. I consider digital art a broad artistic leap beyond the world of photography, but in this digital age it can become a new outlet for self-expression, regardless of your innate artistic talents.

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